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Study of color
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Your wardrobe says a lot about you
You who do not wear clothes in the closet, because you do not know how to match?
You still have new clothes that you do not know when to wear?
You have a closet full of clothes and accessories but you never know what to put?
consultancy in changing room
If you feel identified / with any of these questions I can help you.
carefully study items from your wardrobe and give you some advice:

What clothes you should keep because they fit your style, your own career, to the morphology, color ...
What elements should be eliminated, because they do not adapt to your morphology, or simply because they are not the colors that suit you.
What clothes should renew (if necessary)
Price: 95 EUR plus VAT

(2 hours service. Extra hours are charged +50 plus VAT EUR / h)

You can also request an additional report with all the advice you have given and in which we will propose other new combinations with the clothes you already have.

(This service has an additional +50 EUR)plus VAT

Now is your chance
And 'all clear, do not worry and ask for an express service for very little.

PROMOTION Throughout the year 2016, -3 hours personal shopper service + 3 hours wardrobe consulting ,costs only 250 euro plus VAT !!! The promotion include a free contact trough Skype with a Fashion Consultant !

your time
Our image reflects our identity. With clothes and accessories we wear we are expressing our personality and mood. We have to find a style and colors that identify us.

In my work as a personal shopper I see before your body to highlight the strengths and hide imperfections and thus achieve the improving of physical appearance, this will lift your mood. This is accomplished with a morphological study.

With the study of color, try to find out which colors you feel better, your skin tone, hair and eyes, are details that go together.

Once you know what your style is, depending on what best suits you, your taste and your personality, I will advise it on your clothes. Without this we will analyze the best you have in your closet and you'll see that in the end everything will adapt to your personal style.

We will see what you should keep, renew or delete. As a personal shopper and image consultant will counsel you also what you should use as clothing at all times of the day, depending on what occasions and how to match them.

On the way for shopping, we go shopping to suit your needs and always following your budget. Together we will find clothes that are best suited to you, saving time and money, you'll see.

In addition to our dresses, plays an important role is our makeup to know our image according to our characteristics. By makeup courses that teach you how to bring out the strengths in order to bring out the best part.
You can also count on me as your personal shopper in London, when you have those special events when it is useful to have the help of a professional or stylist or a make-up artist

In short, I want to be your personal shopper to help you bring out the best in you, to make you feel ... radiant!
I invite you to discover a new person You , do not have the courage?

P.S: Ah! And if you're a man goes for you the help ;-) Our fashion consultant Luca can't wait to help you !

info@personalshopperroma.it | Phone 0039 338 22 76 547)
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