Anna Maria Nardi along with her prestigious company offers a wide variety of services to ensure that your shopping experience in Rome is one of the best. Allow Anna Maria and her experts advise you on shopping for your wardrobe, home etc. Get amazing advice from those who not only have amazing expertise in their fields, but also are attentive to your every need no matter what your reasons for shopping in Rome.

It's time for a change! Our consultants will come directly to your home and advise you how to expand, renovate, and change your wardrobe and/or home with targeted and specific purchases. You will instantly fall in love with the change you see in your wardrobe, your home and most importantly yourself! Let us work with you to help you acquire whatever your heart desires and make you shopping experience in Rome the best one.

Roman fashion at your fingertips!

  • Fashion Tour

    «The way you represent yourself affects how others treat you.» As a former model, Anna Maria is knowledgeable on all fashion styles and trends, and will give you an exclusive insider's experience to make sure you always look and feel your best. Personal Shopper Rome takes you to all the exclusive and truly Italian shops! Personal Shopper Rome organizes every detail of your travel and your shopping tour not only in Rome but in other breathtaking Italian cities such as Venice, Florence, Palermo, Milan, Turin, Capri, Sorrento...
  • Malls-Fashion Outlet and Vintage Tour

    Personal Shopper Rome brings you to the most best and native outlets of Italy, organizing every detail of your travel.
  • Food & Wine Tour

    Personal Shopper Rome does more than just take care of your shopping, we will take you on an adventure of a lifetime to discover one of the best Italian gastronomic traditions organizing every detail of your travel. Experience the best food, which Italy has to offer and be amazed while exploring the magical side of the Eternal City such as the streets of Trastevere with its specialty shops, delicious food, and plenty of great souvenirs!
  • Interior Design Tour

    Furnish your house with the most beautiful furniture in the world created by the iconic brands such as Armani, Fendi Home, Versace... Dream with the reinterpretation of Caravaggio's antique style, Bernini's sculpture style, jewelry as Bulgari, cars like Ferrari, Murano Glass, etc... Come with us in Via dei Coronari and Via Margutta, the trendiest places in this enchanting city to find the best interior antique design!
Get the latest look and best fashion tips and tricks! The new Italian High Street Glam rules...
With knowledge of the latest trends and styles in the fashion industry, Anna Maria Nardi and her team will work closely with you and offer you the best advice on how to improve your style.
To be glamorous, you have to take advantage of our smart style advice from the fashion consultant who will guide you in choosing clothing such as leather garments, sportswear and accessories like Manolo Blahnic' or Gucci' shoes to revamp your look according to different events and settings. Our image consultants will completely revitalize your style to a more unique, trendy, chic, and fashionable wardrobe by giving you the must-have tips.
If you want to express yourself and be vibrant with a cool look, this is the best solution to build upon your already great wardrobe without buying a ton.
This new concept will allow you to shop your very own closets. Our fashion consultants will come to your home and advise you on how to expand, renovate, and change your wardrobe combining the latest fashion styles and hot trends with your existing wardrobe.
Remember that being glamorous is a question of taste not of money.
We can suggest you the best fashion tips and trick by telephon, e-mail or by Skype!
Personal Shopper of Rome provides a service designed exclusively for companies who want their employees to have a professional look in order to improve the image of the company
We provide hair styling services as well as nail art and makeup.
The top Roman hair-stylist will work his magic making you look your absolute best being both fashionable and professional, for a new unique look!
No matter what your desires, our hair stylist will work with you until you have your dream hair by using the most innovative and stylish techniques for styling, cuts, perms, and hair coloring.
Our specialist in beauty and cosmetology will give you a tutorial on how to do properly do your makeup for any occasion from sporting events, casual days, or elegant evenings, so no matter where you are going you will always look your absolute best.
Whether you are looking for a gift for a great friend, someone fabulous who has impacted your life, or that person who is just simply hard to shop for, look no further we offer gift cards available for any occasion.
This amazing gift-giving opportunity will enchant anybody!